Custom wall paintings especially for children's rooms, play rooms and nurseries!

Email or call (918) 720-8271 with any questions and to set up your free consultation!

Murals in the Tulsa, OK and surrounding area are free of travel charges... any murals done outside that area may have travel charges associated with them.

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About the Artist

A nursery can be tied together by finding some bedding or fabric that you love.  I can then replicate that theme throughout the room not only on the walls but on furniture too!  Everything in the room is tied together and flows beautifully.

You can make your child's playroom even more fun and stimulating with a great wall mural!  Letters, numbers and shapes painted on the walls can create a fun environment that will teach your child without them even knowing it!

Doctor's Offices, Preschools, Churches etc...

  There's no better way to ease a child's fear of the doctor's office than to have a fun and entertaining environment for them to play in while they wait and to enjoy during their consultation.  Additionally, a wall mural is a great way to create a fun and exciting environment at preschool, daycare or even church!

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Custom Hand-Painted Murals
by Amber Prom
Why should I have a wall mural painted on my walls?
*  Because it is a truly unique way to set your home or
business apart!  Everyone has wall stickers or wall
paper... but who has actual artwork right on their walls??
That's right... NOBODY!  (except you)

Photo Galleries:
Click any one of the Photo Galleries below to view some of my past work.
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What can I do for you???
*  I can do something as simple as paint your child's name on his or her wall to something as extravagant as an entire room scenery painted over every inch of your child's room.

*  If you are a business owner, I can paint whatever you want on your business walls to spruce up the look and bring something exciting and unique that your customers won't soon forget!
Where do I paint?
*  I paint in residences, preschools, grade schools,
churches, hospitals, clinics, doctor's offices, businesses
and more.  No wall is off limits!
What do I paint?
*  I can paint on walls, floors, ceilings, furniture, toys,
fabric... almost anything that paint will adhere to.  There
are examples of my work in the photo galleries where I
have painted on fabric, walls, furniture, floors and more!

How much does it cost?
*  You will be surprised at how affordable it is!  There are
many paintings available for viewing in my photo galleries
and many of them have prices on them to give you a
good idea of what you can get for your money!

How does it work?
*  Just give me a call and set up a free consultation!  We
can discuss what you would like painted and what sort of
budget you have.  I will use your ideas to come up with a
sketch and after we get that sketch exactly as you'd like
it... I come and paint it on your walls!  It's that easy!  And
if you decide you'd rather not have me paint after our
initial consultation... that's ok too!

What if sometime down the road we decide we do not want the painting anymore?
*  All it takes is a little primer and paint.  It will take you
literaly 5 minutes to paint primer over the painting and
another 5 to brush the paint over it!  You really shouldn't
feel hesitant because you think a painting is soooo
permanent, it is as easy to paint over as it would be to change the wall color!  A piece of cake!

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